Frequenthy Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Can you provide information on the fucoidan content on each product?

Okinawa Fucoidan: 233mg per capcele
Fucoidan Extract Powder Granule: 833mg per sachet
Fucoidan Extract: 3,000mg per pack

Q. What kind of test did you use to determine that fucoidan content of the seaweeds you are using is more than 85%?

HPLC gel filtration method.

Q. How much of Mozuku I need to eat in order to get benefit of Fucoidan?

One kilogram of raw Mozuku contains just one gram of Fucoidan. It is believed that 3 to 6 grams of Fucoidan are needed daily to maintain health. So you probably need to eat more than three kilogram of Mozuku each day.

Q. What is the effective dosage of fucoidan? as a preventive medicine

It is recommend that you take at least 1 to 2 grams of Fucoidan as a preventative medicine, or at least 3 to 6 grams to fight cancer and other malignant diseases.

Q. Can you provide sodium and iodine content of product?
Are these levels safe for cancer patients or patients with kidney problems?

Okinawa Fucoidan: Sodium (mg/box) 1,524, Iodine (mg/box) 0.294
Fucoidan Extract Powder Granule: Sodium (mg/box) 694, Iodine (mg/box) 0.175
Fucoidan Extract: Sodium (mg/box) 1,122, Iodine (mg/box) 0.210
These will not adversely affect cancer patients. But please consult with your doctor.

Q. When is the best time to take these supplements?

The doctor cooperating with us recommends taking it in at night.

Q. Can you send me data as to how many tablets a person has to take for each kind of the fucoidan products you supply to make the supplement effective?

Brand Name for ordinary person per day for cancer patient per day
Okinawa Fucoidan: As a preventive 6 capsules, To fight cancer 18 capsules
Fucoidan Extract Powder Granule: As a preventive 1 sachet, To fight cancer 3 sachets
Fucoidan Extract: as a preventive medicine 1 pack, To fight cancer 2 packs

Q. What other supplements can you recommend for cancer patients?

Agaricus products.

Q. Are there any side effects to taking Fucoidan?

While there are no known major side effects associated with Fucoidan, the compound may interact with blood-thinning mediactions like Wafain and heparin. Be sure to consult physician before beginning Fucoindan.

Q. Can I take Fucoidan with other medications?

Fucoidan is a supplement, not a medication, and taking fucoidan is the same as eating mozuku and mekabu. If you have any questions in regards to taking it with your current medication, we strongly suggest you consult a medical professional.

Q. Is your packaging all in Japanese?

Yes, but we have brochure in English.

Q. Do you have packaging in English assuming we will market your brand?

It is necessary for us to produce them newly.

Q. Where do you send out a product from?

Product is shipment from Naha, Okinawa JAPAN. It takes approximately 7 to 14 days to delivery to you. When customs clearance procedures are required in USA, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.
We ship within USA. If you live in other Country, please contact us for Quotation for shipment.

Q. How about Return and refund policy?

Any returns for personal reasons are not acceptable.
In case package is returned to Japan due to absence of the consignee, overdue tax and customs clearance fee, or any problems at the customs; Customers will be responsible for all shipping charges of the returned package.
We will refund your payment if you cancel your order before shipping; however, the refund will be charged processing fees by PayPal.

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