What is a Fucoidan?

Constitutional formula of Fucoidan extracted fromMmozuku Fucoidan is the source of sliminess found in brown seaweeds such as Mozuku, Konbu, Wakame, Kelp and other seaplants. It is a type of sulfated polysaccharide. It was first discovered in Konbu and bladderwrack by Prof. Kylin of Uppsala University of Sweden in 1913. This slime component is included a lot in Mozuku.

»Main components of mozuku and chemical compositions of fucoidan
Main component of mozuku is a series of dietary fibers such as fucoidan, uronate, arginate, and fuco-okigosaccharides. Sulfate residues bind to some sugars. Also there are some organic acids in mozuku.Among these fucoidan is a polymer of heterosaccharide composed of many sugars such as L-fuose, d-galactose, D-glucose, D-mannose, D-wylose, and D-glucronic acid, to some of which many molecules of sulfate are binding.

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